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We just arrived to the venue, looks really great! We’re soon going to sound check, right now we’re just relaxing in the dressing room. The bands playing tonight is Killing Machine, Crucified Barbara, Soulfly, Saxon, Europe and Alice Cooper, a nice little line up :-) Really looking forward to this gig, everybody has been nice so far, it’s all looking good! Hope to see you here tonight!

Cheers, CB


  • neeko

    I was at Colmar tonight. You’re a great discovery for me. Come back in France ! ;-)
    And take Alice Cooper with you ^^

  • Roots

    You were just awesome, hoping the next time you could play more songs.
    You ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rainbow

    Great performance ladies, i didn’ t know the band but we were all blowned by such a good band! All the audiebce around me, said ” wow , such good musicians !!”
    Come agian quickly to France, we love you!


    Has Colmar premiére time which I see crucified and I has iété pleasantly surprised by the quality of the music and the power which loosens(kicks away) the group on scene, bravo

  • rebecka

    Tyckte väl att det var ni! Satt på samma plan som er från Paris till Sthlm och jag var rätt säker på att det var ni men inte 100% så jag var tvungen att kolla er turneplan men nu ser jag ju att det stämmer att ni var i Frankrike :) Älskar ert bidrag i melodifestialen, har inte tröttnat på låten på långa vägar, synd att den inte finns på spotify bara. Keep up the good work!

  • BlackKrystal

    Greats Thanks for your show in Colmar !

    You were, with Saxon & Alice Cooper, the show that could’nt be missed. A little short, but with a energy which is the sign of a real passion, and so a real music !

    See you for a next show in France ! (or Switzerland, ti’s next to Colmar =) )

  • T1892

    I was looking forward to seeing your band.

    And I haven’t been disappointed at all! You have been awesome.
    It”s a shame you didn’t have more time to play.

    Great performance, you woke up the crowd!

    Keep on rocking!

  • Caroline Carpes

    Crucified Barbara é foda, amo vcss meninass!!!!!!
    um dia a gente se encontra aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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