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We just came back home some hours ago, from our last gig outside Sweden booked this year! For the first time in a really long time we travelled alone, with no tour manager or any crew. But we were supposed to be picked up at the airport in Munich by a shuttle and taken to the festival. When we arrived, there was only one small car for us and all the guitars and bags so they had to rent a taxi as well, so we went by taxi for 4 hours (don’t wanna see that bill!!!).

When we finally got to the festival, we didn’t even had a dressing room but thanks to an angel sent from above who happened to be there, she made sure we got everything we needed during the night -as a dressing room… Unfortunately she couldn’t do magic with the drumkit that Nicki had to play – a mix of different drumkits, with parts missing so the stage crew had to tape the kickdrums together with ducktape……..!!! It should be the first thing to take care of, to make sure that the backline for the bands that are performing is top quality. Anyway, the rest of us were happy, me and Klara got one Mesa Boogie Rectifier each and Ida an ampeg bass rigg, SWEET!!! We played at 7:15 and the gig was pretty crowded, we had a good vibe and lots of fun! Except from Nicki, who was struggling with the shaky drumkit the whole time… After the gig we had a signing session, I think 50% of the stuff we signed was men’s underwear. We have to start bring pens for fabric… then it was free time, so in regular order we started the party and kept on ’til we were tired enough to get back to the “hotel” which was a girl school internat where we had 1 room for all 4 of us. Anyway it worked for sleeping… We had to wake up at 7 this morning, a quick breakfast and then we were picked up by the drivers. 2 cars were taking us and Sonic Syndicate who also played on friday, to the airport. Me and Klara went in the small car, it was pretty rough ’cause the seats didn’t even have anything to lean the head against – tough for a day after headbanging…. and the drive was 6 hours so we weren’t too wild and crazy when we finally got to the airport. Even though some parts of these 24 hours was a bit more punk than we had been looking forward to, we had a good time and the gig was great, seemed like you guys enjoyed it!? Let us know! :-) And we’ll be back with some pictures, from the whole summer, soon.
Cheers!!! / Mia & CB

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