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Hi everybody! Just to give you some news – Crucified Barbara is currently writing songs for the 3d album! During the summer Crucified Barbara will enter the studio and start working on their 3rd album. This time together with producer Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Sahara Hotnights, Millencolin, Nomads, Wilmer X, Bonafide etc).


We finally have our own Twitter account: -please join us! :-) There is one account called theCBofficial, that we are not managing. We’d like to make this clear since that account keep announcing updates and personal msgs from “us” which isn’t the case – since we are not running it. Anyway, Crucifiedb is the one that is managed by Crucified Barbara!

Mia @ Radio P4 Dalarna

Ny gästkrönikor hos Radio P4 Dalarna -små stories från backstage, och livet i allmänhet… En gång i månaden ett tag framöver.

Till Radio P4Dalarna -Brus & Kompani>>

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