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Album recording

We’re happy to tell you that we will enter the studio Music A Matic in Gothenburg on Nov 7, together with producer Chips Kiesbye to start recording our 3rd studio album. More info and updates to come! Love/ CB

Some updates and flashbacks from the Barbs!

As you all know, we’re working HARD on the new album. It’s going very well, we’re in the rehearsal place every day of the week writing and rehearsing. We will enter the studio the 2nd week of November and we are so excited to get all these new great songs recorded for you!!!

Just as [...]

Stockholm Horse Show 2011 – Stjärnornas Hoppning

Stockholm Horse Show 2011

As a “side project” to the album work, Mia Coldheart will participate in Stjärnornas Hoppning at Stockholm Horse Show 2011. It’s a showjumping part of the big event, with 8 Swedish “stars” and consists of actors, musicians, sportsmen/athlets.

Mitt i rådande skivinspelning, är Mia Coldheart är en av 8 ryttare [...]