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Some updates and flashbacks from the Barbs!

As you all know, we’re working HARD on the new album. It’s going very well, we’re in the rehearsal place every day of the week writing and rehearsing. We will enter the studio the 2nd week of November and we are so excited to get all these new great songs recorded for you!!!

Just as a special treat for you while you’re waiting for this next big thing, here’s some pix from the last months! Enjoy!!!

HAIRSTYLE – the Crucified way!

# 1: Don’t put a used bubble gum on the coach where you’re resting your head, right before going on stage in a national German TV show! (Berlin Live, September 2011)



#2 If you play hard rock music, think twice before you try this at home!!?? (Berlin Live, September 2011)

#3 If you don’t have hair all over your head, you can always get it decorated in other ways!!! (France, le Petit Village festival August 2011) 

#4 NEVER thing that you are safe from paparazzis, even not in your own rehearsal place!! (Sorry Nicki, Barbarazzi Coldheart just had to publish this picture!!)

In September we got our new own rehearsal room, at Pinebar Music.

We’re not done decorating it yet but as a start we painted it all in white. The grey color was too depressing… A good start!

Nice guys, helping out with the interior!

We’re always trying to find the best place to put the phone to record new ideas without getting to much noise from the loud drums. My shoe worked out pretty well but the merch box was even better.

Rehearsing for the TV4 Nyhetsmorgon gig

The rythm section, more tight than ever!

Barbarazzi Coldheart caught producer Chips Kiesbye in action while he’s giving some advices to Nicki, during the pre-production.

Having a coffee in our COSY cafeteria with one of our new rehearsal-neighbours – Fredrik from Opeth.

Happy as a girl can be!! Me and my 2 best friends!

We’re not always rehearsing. But we’re ALWAYS working. Sometimes it seems like we’re only out drinking beers, but even then we’re getting inspiration for new stage moves and looks.

The suuuper cool bassplayer of Serious Mysterious, at Alcazar, Stockholm 2011


We’re playing Wordfeud (Nicki during soundcheck at Berlin Live, September 2011)….


..we’re going to the doctor (Hans Ludwig – guitar master!!!) with Mia’s broken guitar….

Just taking a nap on the floor.. (Berlin Live, September 2011)

….doing the “Meshuggah” face…. (Berlin Live, september 2011)

…no comments…

..hanging out with horses (training for Stockholm Horse Show 2011)

Ida is playing a very exciting Smurf-game on her iPhone (on the way to Berlin, 2011)

Well, this is mostly how we’re getting ready to deliver a GREAT album!!!! :-)
So stay tuned, we’ll be back shortly with more updates!!

Love !!! /Crucified Barbara via Mia Coldheart


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