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Album update

The work with the new album continues, on Thursday Dec 1st we will start recording the vocals, in Stockholm. We are planning to finish the recordings in December, and we’ll be back shortly with release- and upcoming tour dates! Check out the blog to follow the progress of the new album!

/Crucified Barbara

Rock’n'roll + horse jumping = success!

Mia Coldheart and Carolus Rex J won the Celebrity Horse Jumping competition at Ericsson Globe Arena, Stockholm Horse Show 2011!


Mia Coldheart och hästen Carolus Rex J kammade hem första platsen i Stjärnornas Hoppning, Ericsson Globe, Stockholm Horse Show 2011! Photo: Roland Thunholm / Photo: Carl-Erik Paulin /

Check out more pictures [...]

Studio update, day 10

Hello!! Since the internet connection sucks here in the studio it’s difficult -impossible- to upload pics :( but we can tell you that it looks quite the same everyday:)

We play, eat, sleep, play, eat and sleep.. Hard work 24 hours.. Right now Ida is recording bass on the last song, then it’s Klara’s [...]

Jack och den Magiska Tatueringen

Förutom livs levande människor kan vi i Crucified Barbara numer också titulera oss fiktiva romanfigurer. I Therés Stephansdotter Björks coola barnbok Jack och den Magiska Tatueringen möter du en hel drös tuffa rockers, däribland oss. Vi är omåttligt stolta!

Om du känner ett barn, är ett barn eller ibland känner dig som ett barn så [...]

Boys in the studio… day 6

Day 6 in the studio! For once there were more boys than girls in the studio.

The master of sound, Henryk Lipp, is testing the batteries for Idas’ bass pedal!

This morning PS3 (Pontus Snibb Trio) came by to say hi, since they played at Sticky Fingers the night before. Mats – bass, [...]

A night with Angel

Hi Rockers!

This wednesdaynight I took a couple of hours off to go and visit our favourite backline tech, Simon. We call him Angel, I guess you can figure out why!:)

He is right now on tour with Monster Magnet and they played here in Gothenburg at Trädgår’n. I’m a big Monster Magnet fan, I’ve [...]

Some pix from the last 3 days

Ida is taking a well deserved break after we had carried all our backline 3 floors up to the studio.

Henryk Lipp and Chips Kiesbye in the Music A Matic Studio

And here is a new amazing Mesa Boogie amp that we borrowed for the recording. Welcome, Royal Atlantic!! You look [...]

Where did you sleep last night?

It’s day 2 in the studio and Nicki is really killing it! She’s beating on the drumkit as if it were a cheating boyfriend. Here’s Nicki in between takes looking real cute. But as you all know apperances are deceptive…

There’s a long way to the final guitar sound, but we have some sort [...]