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A night with Angel

Hi Rockers!

This wednesdaynight I took a couple of hours off to go and visit our favourite backline tech, Simon. We call him Angel, I guess you can figure out why!:)

He is right now on tour with Monster Magnet and they played here in Gothenburg at Trädgår’n. I’m a big Monster Magnet fan, I’ve seen them live a bunch of times but this concert was special. Besides the fact that they played the whole Dopes to Infinity-album plus some extra songs I felt that I was in another type of mood. Being in the studio recording an album is really a special experience in many ways. It felt great to get some inspiration for the bassplaying and to get my mind on something else.

Ida and Angel!


Monster Magnet in action!

Ida and Dave trying to look cool or scary?

It was a fantastic night in every way (but I have to admit that I missed the girls, even though we see eachother 24/7, it’s always more fun we we’re all together) and I’d really like to thank Dave Wyndorf, Angel and the rest of the band for a great show, interesting conversations and cold beer!


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