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Boys in the studio… day 6

Day 6 in the studio! For once there were more boys than girls in the studio.

Henryk Lipp provar batterier
The master of sound, Henryk Lipp, is testing the batteries for Idas’ bass pedal! 

This morning PS3 (Pontus Snibb Trio) came by to say hi, since they played at Sticky Fingers the night before.
Pontus Snibb Trio
Mats – bass, Niklas – drums, Martin – driver, Pontus – vocals and guitar. 

Christian Alsing
The amazing guitarplayer and friend Christian Alsing came by with two cases full of pedals, some extra amps and a very intelligent mind full of rare knowledge about guitar sound (and the latest gossip about Gothenburg celebrities) to help us set up the best guitar sound ever.

Christian Alsing

Christian Alsing and Henryk Lipp

Henryk and Chips

It was me and Nickis’ turn to make dinner tonight, so we cooked an all vegetarian dish, rice with unions, pepper, ginger, garlic and red chili, and eggplant breaded with parmesan cheese. Everybody seemed to enjoy it. It’s always a challenge to cook vegetarian food for meat lovers, but everybody seemed to enjoy it also this evening. 1-0 to the animals!!

Nicki in the kitchen

Mia and the dinner

As we already told you, everybody in the studio loves food and Henryk has a speciality that he makes sometimes when the craving for sweets gets to hard to handle. Almond paste rolls with nougat and cayenne pepper..! A bit strange, but pretty tasty! :-)

Henryk Lipps' special snacks

Ida and Klara are recording right now, the amps are on fire tonight!!!

Stay in tune! /Mia



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