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Studio update, day 10

Hello!! Since the internet connection sucks here in the studio it’s difficult -impossible- to upload pics :( but we can tell you that it looks quite the same everyday:)

We play, eat, sleep, play, eat and sleep.. Hard work 24 hours.. Right now Ida is recording bass on the last song, then it’s Klara’s turn and tomorrow I have to finish my last 7 tracks. While i’m waiting I am practicing guitar, recording with the video camera and sometimes I’m just lazy doing nothing, feeling nervous about next were horse jump competition in the Globe Arena and for all my vocal and lead guitar recordings that I will finish when we get back to Stockholm again.

So tomorrow is the last day of the first recording session, We’re half way there!!!!

Stay tuned!

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  • matti rovanperä

    hej hörde att min yngsta bror erik ska göra ert omslag till nya plattan coolt

  • Best luck girls! Can’t wait to buy the album :-)

  • The new album is on the way now, hope it coming soon.

  • Hellsing Blackbird

    Girls work hard for made the best album ever !
    So, possibility to see your horse jump competition on web tv Mia ?

  • Dakeryas

    Hej Crucified Barbara !

    Glad to see the first recording session should be done right now ! I am looking forward to hearing the new album!

    However, I would like to beg you to release a dynamic album (sounds weird, I know!). The last Opeth album was at last against the Loudness War and had plenty of dynamic range. As result it sounded awesome, with powerful drums, audible bass, natural and dynamic sound.

    Louder is not better and an album with little to no Dynamic Range Compression will sound thousand times better than the same album compressed to death like most modern releases!

    So please tell the sound engineer no to squash the dynamics of the mix to put it loud to death like Death Magnetic and leave the “live” sound.

    I liked “Til Death Do Us Party” but was disappointed by the Loudness War sound that dwindled the sound of Nicki’s drums (snare drum sounds somewhat fake thus) and buried the bass of Ida!

    Music with plenty of dynamic range is so much better !

    Hej då !

    • admin

      Hi! Thanks for your message! We are really working on making a dynamic rock album this time, that is one of the main reasons why we are working with Chips Kiesbye and Henryk Lipp, they are both well known for good genuine sound. We want it to sound heavy and rough in a “natural” way so I hope you will be pleased with the sound of this new album! :-)

      All the best, Mia
      Crucified Barbara

  • Ceres

    :D Girls you don’t know how in love I’m with you!! keep it on lml greetings from Mexico

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