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UK dates in January 2012 confirmed

We’re happy to come back to the UK again!

January 28th Bilston, Robin 2 -> TICKETS January 29th Skegness Rock and Blues Festival

*** Past tours in the UK: 2006 w/ Motörhead + Clutch, 2008 w/ Backyard Babies. We also played Hard Rock Hell festival some years ago, and the song Danger Danger on our [...]

A few pictures from the last month.

We’re really happy about the upcoming album and we hope you’re gonna like the songs as much as we do. Right now Mia is recording the lead vocals and everything is starting to fall into place. The drums, bass and guitars were recorded in Gothenburg but the vocals are recorded here in Stockholm. As you [...]

French tour dates confirmed in March-April

We are proud to announce our first tour dates for 2012, in France!

March 23rd St Lo РLe Normandy March 24th Vaur̩al (95) РLe Forum March 27th Strasbourg РLa Laiterie March 29th Annecy РLe Brise Glace March30th Les Menuires РFull Metal Contest April 1st Toulon РOmega Live April 3rd [...]

Studio update – lead vocals almost done!

We spent the whole last week recording lead vocals. I’ve been screaming the shit out of that expensive microphone, and during one song I was close to both faint and puke at the same time, hehe.. and my right thigh has a large bruise, because I’m “keeping the beat” by beating myself hard on the [...]

Studio update – Vocals done on the 1st track!

I wasn’t sure if my voice would last the whole recording session today but it did! I didn’t have much strength left in the end but at least 1 track’s got vocals on it now! We’re recording the vocals in our producers’ studio / rehearsal place so it’s not as cosy as the Music A [...]

Recording vocals?

I’m on the way to Chips Kiesbye’s studio in Stockholm now to start with the vocals after a one week brake due to horse jumping and Chips other producing and mixing works… Don’t know if we can start today really ’cause I’ve got a bad cold, I try to cure it with everything I can [...]