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A few pictures from the last month.

We’re really happy about the upcoming album and we hope you’re gonna like the songs as much as we do. Right now Mia is recording the lead vocals and everything is starting to fall into place. The drums, bass and guitars were recorded in Gothenburg but the vocals are recorded here in Stockholm. As you can see below the song booth is really glamourous. But the lack of walls doesn’t seem to bother the happy hummingbird.

It’s been a long and rocky road to get here. First you have to climb the high song writing mountain; coming up with ideas, rejecting them, coming up with better ones and chose which ones that get to live. Then you enter the studio and there’s the next barrier to cross. The big scary ocean of performance anxiety…

Though it’s not always a bed of roses, there’s always fun along the way. Here’s a cute picture of Mia on a very creative day:

And here’s my lovely ladies having a (well, a few…) well-deserved beer after a long day in the studio:

On sunday we go back to the wonderful Music-A-Matic studio in Gothenburg to record additional guitars, backing vocals and to check if they’ve put our wonderful piece of art up on the wall.

The best part is that all the hard work of making this album will be greatly rewarded when we get to see you guys on tour next year!

Peace and good night my friends.




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