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Recording vocals?

I’m on the way to Chips Kiesbye’s studio in Stockholm now to start with the vocals after a one week brake due to horse jumping and Chips other producing and mixing works… Don’t know if we can start today really ’cause I’ve got a bad cold, I try to cure it with everything I can find, peppermint oil, ginger tea, lemon, honey, garlic sandwiches…. everything! my voice is pretty much ok, it’s more the noose.. and if it’s not clear the voice won’t sound to good either, haha..

But I’ve prepared and done some warm up excercises, I’ll go to the studio now and We’ll see how it sounds and feels once we get started. If it sucks, I will rest the whole weekend and sing twice as much next weekend instead, already missed one recording day. I won’t let a stupid cold affect our work, winter – leave me alooone!!!

I’ll let you know later how it went ;-)


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