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Studio update – lead vocals almost done!

We spent the whole last week recording lead vocals. I’ve been screaming the shit out of that expensive microphone, and during one song I was close to both faint and puke at the same time, hehe.. and my right thigh has a large bruise, because I’m “keeping the beat” by beating myself hard on the leg (unconsciously).

But I don’t want to mislead you with this summary, we are not making a death metal album :-) But I have really killed the last “female” touch I once had(?) in my voice, it’s pretty rough these days!! We’ve got the heavy stuff, the melodic and (a lot of) rock’n'roll stuff, amazing quality gear (Mesa Boogie, Ampeg, Yamaha, Sabian…), extremely professional producer and sound engineer, and the most important part; gRRRRReat songs! No bad reviews in the world could wipe the smile off my face ’cause I’m so proud of what we’ve done so far with this album, and it already sounds great even though it’s not even close to done. And one of the reasons why we choose to work with Chips is because he don’t want to mess up the sound. We want it to sound REAL. Far away from the modern, over-produced metal and rock of today… as you can hear, I have a very good feeling about this :-) And I really hope you will share this feeling too once you get to hear it! It won’t take long ’cause we want to bring the new album with us when we start touring – in March! More info coming soon!

Tomorrow we will continue with the lead vocals, I have 4 songs left to record. My voice is still in good shape even though I’ve been pushing it a lot last week and started up with a cold. So, time to go to bed and dream about the release party…

Sweet dreams!
Cheers / Mia

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