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Studio update – Vocals done on the 1st track!

I wasn’t sure if my voice would last the whole recording session today but it did! I didn’t have much strength left in the end but at least 1 track’s got vocals on it now! We’re recording the vocals in our producers’ studio / rehearsal place so it’s not as cosy as the Music A Matic Studio, this is more of a rehearsal place in a basement. It doesn’t matter for the sound, only for the feet! Next time I will bring a pair of extra warm socks for the cold concrete floor… (Burr sa Burre!)

The song we recorded today is one of the most “different” songs on the album, it’s nothing like what we’ve written before. It’s a really cool track that we all like ’cause it’s a great tune and it’s fun to play as well. Wish I could play it for you so you knew what I’m talking about!! :-)

Now I’m going back to bed with my Friday night party drink – green tea with honey.. Hell yeaH!

Have a great weekend!
<3 Mia

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