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Into the Fire single release!

Listen to and download the new single Into The Fire here!

24 comments to Into the Fire single release!

  • Kevin

    You girls ROCK!!! \m/ I can’t wait for you to arrive in the US!

  • Kick ass song ! Girls, you rock !
    Unfortunateley I can’t come to support you on your new French tour due to some health problems, so sad….
    I hope you will have fun and I wish you all the best with this new record.

  • Martinous

    You fuckin’ rule!!!

  • AlbertoJV

    Absolutely awesome!!!! It’s like listening to Motörhead, it regrets to IDWT album!!!!
    I love it, waiting impatiently for the new album release!!!! :D

  • paloma

    Fuck’n awesome \m/

  • Marco Pelloni

    Everything’s taken to a higher level than everything done before, as I foresaw. Glorious girls!!! You are evolving quite well… and the party’s just started. I have a feeling that Dante seven centuries ago foresaw your coming too and must have given a hint in one of his lines. I’ll investigate and then let you know… The neighbors have complained three times so far. Stupid morons, they don’t realize what they’re missing. You really want me to stay awake this night too, hopefully avoiding a visit by the fucking police. The track grows within me as I repeat listening to it and makes my blood flow in my veins faster and faster. Never enough! Starts traditionally but anticipates a crescendo of passion that comes as soon as the intro is over. The rock of the first album plus the metal of the second fused together and alchemically risen to a new level. 1+1=3 (with the whole album in my hands maybe even 4 or 5…). I saw it all, but the sense of wonder, excitement and surprise aren’t missing. An intriguing thing that at times comes back in your music also here is the central parts which have sometimes a slight taste of exotic compared to the rest of the song. In this case from 1:56 to 2:16 the mood is a bit doomish. It all makes the product even more particularly interesting and effective. Moreover (at least this is my personal impression), some of your songs are felt by me longer than they really are and this is one of them, which is a good thing because this way the positive feelings are heightened in my listening experience. It’s as if the song has more volume mass. Great everything, the chorus is exciting and gives me four punches (yes, precisely) on my face everytime. The guitar solos are stellar and passionate. The rhythmic section is creative and driving. The lyrics are rebelliously meaningful, almost a statement. Can’t wait for the video. I’ve always appreciated Nicki’s performances because I’ve always found her to have a lot of fantasy on the drumkit, and here she hits spectacular. Amazing stuff. The finale reminds me the one of the song “In distortion we trust”. I’ll be counting the days from now on of the 2 months that separate me from the album release. Happy touring in France. And thanks wholeheartedly for being with us. You should be crowned World Heritage by the United Nations (you know I’m not joking). Hugs.

  • André Manzano

    AWESOME JOB *-* Brazil waits for you girls!!!

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  • Hellsing Blackbird

    awwwwwww it’s all good girls !! love it !

  • John

    Girls, this is music to my ears :-)
    Just listened once & today I’m gonna listen more often to it!
    Great song, great expectations for the new album due in May!
    You take it to the top hahaha,
    greetzzz from Holland,

  • Otzi

    That´s the way i want my rock´n roll!!!
    Looking forward to the album!!!

  • Taxonimic

    Characteristic Sheep Valley superstars going strong ! Great vocals on this song, earthy and expressive (and still female). Hope to see you play next time in UK ? Wish you many good gigs in France !

  • Norbert

    Wooow! What a great song that really kicks ass! Please come to Germany ASAP!

  • typh

    what a kickass song! just bought my tickets for the show at the Echonova on april 5th, rock’n roll ladies!

  • andy watts

    i love it girls cant wait for the cd and a uk tour in wales hopefully well i will watch you anywhere in the wearing my crucified t, shirt today.

  • Arturo

    Great song!!! When are you comming to South America???

  • Peter

    Inte illa, flickor. Låter väldigt lovande.

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  • Cereza Lee

    Awesome grrrls!! congratulations!!
    I only wish to see you in Spain*_*

  • Sounds great. I love the heavy/raw vocals…

  • Arnaud

    I’ve heard this song yesterday night during your show in Strasbourg and I’ve liked it very much,that’s a very good song.
    Your show was fantastic. You have so much energy, so many good songs, you play well, the sound is good and you are very nice with the audience.
    Girls, you are simply GREAT !!!!



  • Loren Iwerks

    Love the single, looking forward to the album, but unable to purchase the single on either download from Amazon, iTunes, or eMusic to USA IP addresses. Nuclear Blast USA website blurb for Crucified Barbara shows album release date as May 9, 2012 (today is May 12), but no products listed for sale on their website and no announcements for upcoming releases from CB. It appears that my only option is to purchase from GMR, who have always been great in the past for purchase/shipping to USA.

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