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Single release ‘Into The Fire’ – Friday, March 23d!

Into the fire single cover Crucified Barbara

INTO THE FIRE!! On Friday 23d of March, it’s finally time to present the first song from the upcoming album!

Check back here on Friday to listen to and download the new single Into The Fire! And what’s more; we have a lot of REALLY cool news for you regarding the upcoming album, we’ll be back shortly, with release date and more great news! We are super excited!!! The Barbs are back in town!!

Love/ Mia, Nicki, Klara, Ida


11 comments to Single release ‘Into The Fire’ – Friday, March 23d!

  • Hellsing Blackbird

    yeeeaah awesome finally !! so impatient to listen new song !! can’t wait friday girls !

  • Arghhhhhhhhh !!!! Can’t wait to listen this new song. Waiting for the new album is too long for me ! I check your webpage everyday to have informations about the release date of your new record. I hope it will be available soon.
    By the way, the cover of your new single is amazing !

  • Marco Pelloni

    Can’t sleep tonight…

  • Marco Pelloni

    Indeed I haven’t slept a second tonight and I’m still here. So much anxiety! I feel so charged and galvanized by this news that the basic biological need is overcome. The sun is rising and I don’t feel tired at all, thanks to you. That’s the magic of art, it reminds and suggests us that it comes from other realms, devoid of any limitations. I almost hear it in my head… The healthy stuff… It’s about time for the whole world to acknowledge barbs’ superiority, don’t you think? Cheers. M

  • Can’t wait to ear it!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing news!!!!

  • Hell-o Barbs!!
    I just have to say that I’m sooo super excited and can’t wait to hear this tune!! (and the rest of the album too ofc) ;-P
    Kramar, Rebel Lulu aka “kryckis”<3

  • Marco Pelloni

    As with 2009 single “Fire” (an instinctive starter and early teaser to this one maybe), you’re at it again playing with it. Interesting. Easily reminds me of Dante’s final trial on the 7th floor of purgatory in his Divine Comedy where he has to cross the wall of fire in order to cleanse himself of all his sins, prove himself worthy for the higher spiritual realm, and ascend with Beatrix (feminine representation of virtue and divine qualities, it could very well be you in my opinion. You know, the archetypes. It surely symbolizes the state that You want to reach with this effort. Pushing yourself beyond, so to speak) to heaven. Looks clear to me that you are really feeling this album deeply and subconsciously consider it for sure the most important step in your life. It already shows to me, thanks to these symbolic hints, its majesty and greatness, no doubt about that, I feel it I feel it I feel it!!! Always did all along for the past couple of years, really. It’s all in the symbolism shown to the audience… Mythological girls (and a lot more… history will tell)!!! Still I’m not tired at all… Thanks for all, also for reading and bearing my psychic lucubrations too…! One last thing: I hope this single will be available also on CD through the usual webshop, I’m old style with the most valuable things…

  • paloma oliveira

    I’m anxious for that\m/

  • John

    Very excited to hear your new single!
    Can’t we push the clock on forwards? ;-)
    Greeetz from Holland

  • Joey

    The barbs are back in town…AND I LOVE IT!!!

  • Marco Pelloni

    It’s one minute after midnight…

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